Meat Grinder Plate Size Chart – Full Guide

If you eat a lot of meat on a regular basis, you’ve probably thought of using ground beef in your dishes. In general, ground beef is versatile in that it may be used in practically any dish while adding a richer texture. However, that is not the end-all and be-all of ground beef. Have you ever noticed how varied the textures of ground beef are in jerky, salami, and sausages?

This is mostly due to the fact that they are processed through various sizes of meat grinder plates. If you’ve lately contemplated purchasing a meat grinder to satisfy your needs for ground meat dishes, it’s critical to understand the many components of the meat grinder and how they might effect the final shape of meat.

The meat grinder plate and its sizes are possibly the most significant component, so keep reading to find out which meat grinder plate size is perfect for you!

What Exactly Is A Meat Grinder Plate? Is It Similar To A Meat Grinder Blade?

If you look closely at all of the parts of a meat grinder, you’ll discover one that resembles a disc-shaped structure with holes of various or uniform sizes on it. This is known as the meat grinder plate, and it is this section of the meat grinder that shapes your meat. Whether coarse or thoroughly minced meat, the meat grinder plate is in charge of the end result – and so differs from the meat grinder blade.

What Exactly Is A Meat Grinder Plate

The meat grinder blade, on the other hand, is largely responsible for breaking up your meat before it is pushed through the meat grinder plate. The meat grinder blade prepares the meat by cutting it up and processing it before passing it through the meat grinder plate, where it is finished as sausages or jerky.

The meat would not be minced enough to pass through the meat grinder plates without the meat grinder blade. Even though they provide comparable purposes, it is vital to note the distinction. The variation in cutting blade diameters and meat grinder plate hole widths might affect the end result of the meat you’re preparing.

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What Are Meat Grinder Plates Used For?

As previously stated, the most significant purpose of meat grinder plates is to form the meat. After the meat grinder plates have minced and sliced it up, it is passed further along in your meat grinder machine to be entered into the meat grinder plates.
What Are Meat Grinder Plates Used For
Depending on the type of meat you wish to make, these plates feature holes of varied sizes. When the meat is sliced up and put through the meat grinder plates, it comes out in the desired form.

Meat Grinder Plate Size Chart

Diameter of the Meat Grinder Plate Diameter of the Plate Grinder Hole Type of Ground Meat Best for Making:
3 – ¼” ⅛” Finely ground Bologna, hamburger, hot dog meat
3 – ⅞” ⅛” Finely ground Bologna, hamburger, hot dog meat, jerky
2 – ⅛” ¼” Coarsely ground Summer sausages, pepperoni, salami
3 – ¼” ¼” Coarsely ground Summer sausages, pepperoni, salami
3 – ¼” ⅜” First grind Chorizo, linguisa, chili
3 – ¼” ½” First grind Stews, chili
2 – ⅜” ⅜” First grind Chorizo, linguisa, chili
2 – ¾” ⅜” First grind Chorizo, linguisa, chili
2 – ⅜” 3/16” Second grind Sausages, hamburger patties
3 – ¼” 3/16” Second grind Sausages, hamburger patties
5 – 1/16” 4 mm Coarsely ground and commercially produced Pepperoni, summer sausages, hamburger patties, bratwurst

Meat Grinder Plates: How Are They Measured?

If you want to measure your meat grinder plate sizes in order to replace the ones you already have with various-sized holes to manufacture different types of meat, the technique is rather simple.

To measure your meat grinder plates, first remove them from your meat grinder machine by dismantling it, and then set the plates flat on a table. Measure the diameter of your meat grinder plates with any form of measurement equipment.

How Are They Measured

This measurement may then be compared to a table that details the sizes of meat grinder plates, allowing you to choose which one to buy or replace your present meat grinder plate with. To minimize inconsistencies, write down the precise measurement you want the replacement meat grinder plate to be.

Sizes of Meat Grinder Plates Explained

1.Fine Grind: 3 – 4mm

Meat grinder plates with holes as small as 3 mm to 4 mm create exceptionally finely ground meat, which is to be anticipated given the holes’ small diameter.

Fine Grind 3 - 4mm

Meat generated after passing through 3 mm to 4 mm grinder plates is minced finely and can be used to recipes that require completely ground meat. Finely ground meat can be used to make meat patties for hamburgers, beef jerky, or even bologna, resulting in a smoother texture of food.

2. Medium Grind: 4.5 – 6mm

Meat processed via the medium grind diameter of meat grinder plate holes is somewhat fuller and coarser than finely ground meat. It may be used in recipes that call for coarser meat varieties rather than finely ground meat, thus you can make breakfast sausages and coarser hamburger patties using it.

Medium Grind 4.5 - 6mm

For a quick supper, fill your peppers with medium ground beef or create meatloaf. Meat grinder plates with 4.5 mm to 6 mm holes may readily generate a more textured meat eating experience than finely ground meat.

3. Coarse Grind: 10 – 12mm

Finally, if your recipe asks for totally coarse meat grinds, you should buy in the greatest diameters for meat grinder plate holes. You may manufacture a variety of meat varieties in diameters ranging from 10 mm to 12 mm, such as bratwurst, sausages, hamburgers, and even ground beef.

Coarse Grind 10 - 12mm

This is the meat grinder plate size to use if you want your meat chunky or if the recipe calls for coarse cuts of meat. Coarsely ground meat has the toughest texture and will not feel as smooth as finely ground meat.

What Meat Grinder Plate Sizes Do I Need?

When you get a meat grinder from one of the better manufacturers, you will usually receive a range of meat grinder plates as well. However, whether you are looking for new plates or are new to meat grinders.

Most individuals who are new to grinding meat are surprised to learn that you may combine more than one meat grinder plate to produce the exact type of meat that you desire. If you’re asking “what meat grinder plate sizes should I have,” you should consider what sort of meat you eat the most.

What Meat Grinder Plate Sizes Do I Need

If you expect to eat a lot of ground meat, it’s a good idea to invest in different meat grinder plates to fit your preferences, whether you’re creating hamburger patties, salami, or just ground meat for sides. If you find yourself grinding a certain type of meat on a regular basis, it is better to invest in the matching meat grinder plate size, as illustrated in the meat grinder plate size table above.

Do Meat Grinder Plates Need To Be Sharpened?

Because all items and equipment are responsible for chopping up things, meat grinder plates, like meat grinder blades, must be sharpened on a regular basis. Observing how your meat is ground is a definite clue that you need to sharpen your meat grinder plate – if it comes out lumpy and shapeless after a while, it is most probable that your meat grinder plates or cutting blades have blunted.

You may sharpen your meat grinder plates by removing them from your machine and using sharpening stones or sandpaper to sharpen them again. If you are unsuccessful or just do not want to sharpen your meat grinder plates and blades, you may always buy replacements from the shop.


If you’ve been thinking about buying a meat grinder machine as a regular meat eater, you should have a better understanding of the various uses for your meat grinder. You don’t have to limit yourself to one type of meat in your diet; instead, with several sizes of meat grinder plates, you may enjoy finer or rougher cuts of meat in various recipes according on your preferences.

While you’re at it, make sure your meat grinder plates and cutting blades are constantly in good shape by cleaning and sharpening them on a regular basis. If you are unsure how to clean a meat grinder, check our articles on how to clean an electric meat grinder. If you have any questions concerning the sizes of the meat grinder plates, please leave them in the comments area.



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