Lamb keema recipe | Benefits of lamb kheema?

lamb keema recipe is an Indian gravy recipe made with minced meat and with Indian spices. lamb keema recipe is most popular in Indian regions.

lamb keema recipe is made with many different styles in Indian different regions like Hyderabad mutton kheema, Lucknow mutton recipe etc.

There is other different recipes are made with kheema like mutton kofta, Nargi’s recipe etc. Nargisi is a unique recipe made with mutton kheema and commonly cooked in Hyderabadi regions.

With kheema, there is many different recipes are made like kheema samosa, kheema paratha, keema fry, keema fry recipe etc. Kheema is one of the most non-vegetarian recipes in Indian cuisine.

Many people prefer to cook this recipe at home at the weekend or any small party in the house. Everyone knows that mutton and chicken recipes are over demanded and popular all around the world by famous dishes like mutton kabab, mutton chops, mutton soups.

What is the lamb keema recipe?

Kheema means lamb pieces are chopped or cut into very small pieces means in minced. In North America, kheema is called ground meat. Kheema is the Indian word kheema in the Indian sub continent’s. Meant is fined chopped by a meat grinder or with a knife but chopping with knife difficult task.

In Indian lamb pieces are chopped or minced by butcher man which is available meat cutting market. Nowadays kheema mutton is readymade available in supermarkets or meat markets. Kheema not only made with mutton also with chicken, beef and lamb.

What is the lamb keema recipe

Lamb Keema recipe is made with minced lamb, onions, tomatoes, herbs and spices. Everyone knows that Indian recipe is famous, popular and tasty by spices. Spices are key or important ingredients in every Indian recipe.

In Hyderabad city, the Hyderabadi mutton kheema recipe is most famous and popular because making and preparation styles are different. Mutton kheema recipe is served with tandoori roti, paratha, jeera rice and basmati rice.

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Benefits of lamb kheema?

There are the most useful and important benefits from mutton or lamb to the body which is best for the human body.

  • In mutton, zinc content is present by zinc which boosts up the immunity power in body make antibodies to fight against the chronic disease.
  • Mutton is also great source of protein which helps in building antibodies to protect against infections.
  • Protein helps in building and repairing body tissues and body muscles. Muscles and tissues are made by protein is beneficial to increase a muscles strength.

Benefits of lamb kheema

  • Iron is best minerals in body which helps proper blood circulation and transport a oxygen to every cell in body. Nowadays iron deficiency can lead a very serious problems like loss of concentration, fatigue, weakness etc.
  • In mutton omega 3 acid is presents which is beneficial and reduces the risk of cardiovascular malfunctions. Risk of heart attack, heart stroke can be prevented by daily consumption of omega 3 acids.
  • Vitamin B6, vitamin B12, niacin, folic acid, pantothenic, thiamine, biothin are presents In mutton which is benefits for formation of hormones, nervous system functioning and red cells in b
  • Cancer is one of the most explanations problems in the world. Studies and researchers proves that consumption of red meat can reduce the risk of colon cancer.

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