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Mutton curry is Indian dish that is prepared from Mutton(goat meat,sheep meat). Mutton is a mostly cook in India. Mutton curry is a recipe is typical of Bengal & Bihar. Mutton curry is delicious dish.Mostly cooked in special occasional. Mutton is soft after cook. Mutton is cook in Pressure cooker for fast cooks. Pressure cooker is used to cook fast. Mutton curry is a spicy food. Mutton curry is a easy and quick to cook.


  • 500 gms mutton washed and clean.
  • 3 tbsp oil.
  • 3 onion.
  • salt of taste.
  • 1 tbsp red chili powder.
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric.
  • 1 tbsp coriander powder.
  • 1/2 tsp cumin powder.
  • 2 tomatoes.
  • 1 cup curd.
  • 2 tbsp coriander leaves.
  • 1 tsp mutton masala powder.
  • 1/2 tsp garam masala powder.

Making mutton curry

  • Take a pressure cooker .Heat a cooker and add oil in it.
  • Add chopped onion fry it until onion turn in golden colours.
  • Add ginger garlic paste and stir for 2 mins.
  • Addmuuton pices in it and roast until colour changes.
  • Add salt, red chili powder, cumin seeds powder, coriander seeds, turmeric powder, mutton masala, mix together and cook for 3-4mins.
  • Addchopped tomatoes in it and cook until tomatoes get soft.
  • Addcured in cooker stir for 2 min.
  • Add a 1 cup water, add coriander leaves and close coker and until mutton peice get tender.
  • Reduce the stream in cooker.
  • Add garam masala and stir it for 2-3 min.
  • After2-3 mins. Dish will be ready and serve with rotis,rice.
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